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Photoshop CS5 Pros and Cons

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 2, 2010, 2:17 PM

I am now the proud owner of a working copy of Photoshop CS5 Extended.  (No idea what I'm going to do with all the 3D stuff besides ignore it....)  I have had it working for since Nov. 28th and I am both exited and...well...mostly excited.  I used just regular Photoshop CS before, but I have played some with CS3 as well.

:bulletblue: The mixer brush!  I have fallen completely in love with this tool.  For someone who prefers to mix her oils directly on the canvas in traditional media, this tool has come many years too late.  :faint:

:bulletblue: Bristle brushes.  These are brushes that look like the bristles of real brushes, such as a filbert, fan, or square.  These are the perfect compliment to the mixer brush tool.  I have already incorporated them into my custom list of brushes.  Right at the top of the list.  lol

:bulletblue: The quick selection tool is really kind of cool.  I'm not sure I'd use it often, since I seldom select things, but if I did, I'm sure it would come in very handy!  It's like it has artificial intelligence.

:bulletblue: Magic eraser tool.  Also not a tool I'm likely to use, but I can see how it would be helpful for some people.  It's like the magic wand and the eraser got together and spawned.  Hence the name, I guess.

:bulletblue: Vanishing point filter.  Have not actually used this, but I see tons of potential.  

:bulletblue: Lens correction filter.  Ever had a distorted photograph?  Not anymore you don't!  When coupled with File/Transform/Distort, I'm sure it will be very powerful, indeed!


:bulletred: For real, Adobe?  I can't activate by phone?  Do you realise the pain in the ass your program has just become for someone who has no internet?  For real?!!!  WHY?!!!

:bulletred: And now there's no TWAIN import plug-in?!  What the HECK?!  Fortunately, there is an additional TWAIN plug-in to download from if you realise that's what it is you need and can figure out where the download is.

:bulletred: My graphics card hates you.  Luckily I have another one that I can install, but I'll need a converter for my monitor.  *sigh*

:bulletred: What happened to all the pretty stuff from CS3?  Why don't the tool bars slide off to the sides and the courser turn different colours in response to the colour behind it?  I was really looking forward to that.  That's what I miss most about CS3.

Final Verdict

Photoshop CS5 is awesome!  Having used the mixer brush tool once, I don't think I could go back.  That and the bristle brushes more than make up for any other trouble I've had to go through.  I am completely satisfied...more or less.  Still have to do something about that graphics card.


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